Kowloon Cricket Club
Junior Football

  • APSS are responsible for coaching the Kowloon Cricket Club’s junior football programme, from toddlers up to 18 year-olds. This programme is open to all – not just KCC members. If you would like more information email kcc@apsoccer.hk or call 2385 9677.

    The Club’s latest team news and match reports are posted on their facebook page.

    Want to sign-up for the 2017-18 programme? You can fill in this online application and we’ll get back to you!

    Boys & Girls 5&6 years old train together on Saturday mornings. Older than this the girls may train in girls groups if they wish – although they are also welcome to stay with the boys.

    Girls groups: from 7 right up to 18 years old. All age groups train on Saturday mornings.

    Boys   7-10 years old – all train on Saturday mornings at KCC.

    Boys 11-12 years old – train at King’s Park on Thursday afternoons.

    Boys 13-14 years old – train at King’s Park on Friday afternoons.

    Boys over 14 – usually all train on Saturday evenings at King’s Park, and some teams also train and play on weekdays.

    Start times for Saturday training at the KCC alternate weekly. The schedule for the next few weeks is below:

    Nov 11th

    • 0730-0850 – boys training
    • 0855-1015 – girls training

    Nov 18th

    • Both boys & girls training will be held at Kowloon Bay Park Football Field (11-a-side artificial grass field), from 0800-0930 for all players.

    Nov 25th

    • 0730-0850 – girls training
    • 0855-1015 – boys training

KCC Head Coaches

Coach Dave – Head of KCC Programme

Head of KCC Programme

Coach Henry – Saturday Head Coach

Saturday Head Coach