While we are not able to run our usual term-time classes just now, we can still run some coaching sessions in accordance with the latest gathering restrictions (currently in groups of 2).

We plan to run classes at the following locations in:
West Kowloon
Sun Yat Sen, Western
Velodrome, TKO
Green Lane, Happy Valley
Tung Chung
Victoria Park
If you are interested in any of those locations get in touch and we give you more details. We can also come to you if you have a suitable venue.

Sessions can incorporate general fitness (SAQ & core strength), core skill ball work, technical development and plenty of target based learning. We are also offering goalkeeper specific training. The rate is around $250 per 60 minute session if you can come to one of our venues. It may be more if we need to come to you. Our coach will clean & sanitise equipment between all sessions.

These sessions are a great way to get personalised, intensive coaching. You will also be helping to support our coaches while our regular work is off – it will be very much appreciated!

Interested? Just email us at and we can work out a location / schedule.