Weekday classes at Australian Int’l School, Kellett School & King’s Park (if you are looking for other venues click here):

We expect a lot of our players will stay in HK this summer and hope that everyone is keen to be back on the pitch again! We will have lots of options is Kowloon so players of all ages can train every week during the summer.

During these sessions we want to focus on getting players to enjoy training again! Short skill tests, daily challenges and small sided games to finish. You can sign up by the day, or for whole weeks.

In addition to the below classes we will run lots of our regular weekly classes (e.g. Saturdays at AISHK, Renaissance College, Creative School etc), but our bookings for these venues are taking longer than expected to be confirmed. We will keep updating our website as different venues confirm.

Australian International School, Kowloon Tong – 3 weeks of morning sessions

From 29 June to 17 July, Monday-Friday (no class 1 July):

4-7yo players, 0830-1000am each day – $250 per session.
8-12yo players, 1000-1130am each day – $250 per session.

Kellett School, Kowloon Bay – 2 weeks of afternoon sessions:

From 20-31 July, Monday-Friday only:

5-12yo, 1600-1730pm each day – $250 per session.

King’s Park, Jordan – 1 week of intensive pre-season training sessions:

From 3-7 August, Monday-Friday:

5-12yo, 0800-1030 each day – $350 per session.

You can sign up for as many/few days as you like – click here to register for any of these sessions

In addition to the above open classes, we will run advanced training for our squad players at different times. If your child is in our squad programme contact us for these invite-only classes. Any questions just let us know